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Territory Status
League settlements claim sovereignty over hexes highlighted in this diagram. Our policies can be found in our charter.

Open Escalations:
Hope's End NE Lion - Closed
Hope's End SW Lion - Closed
Hope's End SW Lion #2 - Closed
Canis Castrum NW Lion - Closed
Canis Castrum S Lion - Closed
Canis Castrum E Lion - Closed
Sylva E Lion - Closed
Sylva S Lion - Closed
Marketstead SW Lion - Closed
Greystone Keep W Lion - Closed
Greystone Keep E Lion - Closed
Sigil NW Lion - Closed
Sigil E Lion - Closed
Sigil S Lion - Closed
Sigil SE Lion - Closed
Sunholm W Lion - Closed
Sunholm NW Lion - Open
Resource Harvesting Status:
Canis Castrum NW Meteor Hex - Closed
Hope's End NE Meteor Hex - Closed
Sylva E Lion Hex - Closed
All Other Hexes Open
The Aeonian League / Feb 21, 2015
The Aeonian League congratulates Pathfinder University on it's initial success and wish to express our support. For their dedication to the new player community we are granting Pathfinder University and the associated settlement of Riverbank a general Non-Aggression Pact covering all League settlements. We encourage any of our members who may be interested in assisting Pathfinder University to do so at their leisure.