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[Pinned] League Crafting List

**Updated: 3/27/2015**I'll be maintaining the below list of who has what crafting, please leave a reply in this thread to indicate what crafting you have and at what levels. RefiningApothecary (WIS)Eag Calinor (9)Grimmell(4)Arisu(6)Thannon(1)Gemcu...
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Thannon Forsworn02580Small Thannon Forsworn 2y
General Discussion

[Pinned] Politcal Map Added

We've added a new political map to the site, it can be accessed from the last link in the menu. If anyone sees a mistake or need a new addition please post in this thread and we'll update it. May add new features to the map depending on time, incl...
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The Aeonian League44422Small The Aeonian League 3y
General Discussion

[Pinned] Diplomatic Envoys

If you are a diplomatic envoy please send a message to this handle to receive access to our Diplomat Forum.
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The Aeonian League01526Small The Aeonian League 3y
General Discussion

Crafting contacts

Hey Just curious if any crafter PC's have a fair idea of what items they will be focusing on. Combat oriented PC's will need to know who to trade recipes too and who to buy their gear from within the League. Knowing this before EE starts while not...
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General Discussion

Greeting from Terra Australis Incognito

I just dropped by to say Hi and congratulate Duffy on the work he's done with the political map it looks great.Regards, Corwyn
Small Corwyn Rand 3y
Corwyn Rand23249Small Duffy Swiftshadow (Hope's End) 3y
General Discussion

Salutations from the 7th Veil

and congratulations on your NAP. Our doors are open to you, hope to talk to you gentlemen soon.
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