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#12863744 Nov 18, 2016 at 12:06 AM
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Hey Guys - Mediash posted in Forums that they claim the land 2 hexes around Mediash, however we see a small holding owned by Corvus Citadel company member Aldebrand Forsworn in Mediash 6-1, Reports indicate at minimum, the mining nodes there are being depleted by an outside force.

It seems odd to have a smallholding so far from Corvus Citadel. I am just checking to see if Aldebrand Forsworn is the one doing the mining and depleting our resources. Why so far from home and in Mediash area just for Iron Ore and Lodestone?

It would be great if you could move away from the area and not deplete one of the hexes we have claimed.

We feel this is a reasonable request and we hope that you will comply.

Udo - Leader of Mediash
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