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Formation of the Aeonian League

The Aeonian League / Aug 06, 2014
The Aeonian League is a non-aggression pact between the founding settlements of Canis Castrum and Hope’s End. Our signatories have come together to form an open community and to insure our respective settlement’s security. The League represents a myriad of philosophies and as such strives for balance in all things; we are opening the League to any alignment and any settlement type that wishes to join.

A Message from Canis Castrum

From the south-western plains, Canis Castrum will grow a trade and crafting hub that will provide League citizens with the best equipment on Crusader Road. We invite our partners to take advantage of our Bazaar, meet with our friendly local crafters, and train at our facilities. Our leadership will take a grassroots approach toward building an open community. We believe a settlement is the sum of its parts; each part should have an interest in the whole.

-Omnipotentseal, Ambassador for Canis Castrum

A Message from Hope’s End

With evil severely underrepresented we will focus on becoming the thriving independent hive of scum and villainy for evil aligned characters and companies in the River Kingdoms. We will offer reputable evil services to other settlements in the form of both evil related training options and mechanically evil mercenaries (assassins, necromancers, evil cleric domains, etc...); along with a smattering of crafting and trading based on our territories’ natural resources. We will offer these services to our allies, other settlements, and the general public. All within the scope of our treaties and agreements of course.

-Duffy Swiftshadow, Speaker for the Silent

Member Settlements and League Representatives

Canis Castrum - omnipotentseal (Reading Between the Lines)
Hope’s End - Duffy Swiftshadow (Vox Silentii)


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