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About the Aeonian League
The Aeonian League is a cooperative federation style alliance of settlements centered around the Lawful Neutral principles outlined in our charter. We embrace a variety of play styles and RP flavors within our member settlements and place a special focus on maintaining balance within our community's interests and endeavors.

The current membership consists of the following settlements:
  • Sunholm, Lawful Good bastion of Fighters and Clerics.
  • Canis Castrum, Lawful Neutral market hub focused on crafting and trade.
  • Hope's End, Lawful Evil haven for mercenaries, assassins, and evil aligned wizards and clerics.
  • Sylva, True Neutral guardians of nature with a focus on combat and refining nature's bountiful resources.
  • Greystone Keep, Home to a True Neutral military order.

Our members can be found engaging PvE escalations, gathering and crafting to keep our local markets active, and engaging in PvP both on our own behalf and as mercenaries for other factions from time to time. Additional information requests or questions can be directed to or our open forums.